Glaber Green Keeper

The Green Keeper , a tractor mower attachment with a cutting width of 2.3 or 2.7 metres, ideally suited for use in public spaces such as parks, school fields, golf courses, or any expansive grass area. The Green Keeper mower attachment’s frame is super strong and built to last, while the sharp cutting tips allow faster ground speed and a superior mow. Grass growth recovers better from a clean cut, and the Green Keeper provides superior results for those who want to benefit from the best tractor lawn mowing attachments. Everything about this mower conveys quality in performance and durability, from the tough zinc-spray coated steel, to the Italian gearbox that gives unrivaled performance.

Glaber Uppercut Series

Built right here in New Zealand to provide superior performance and endurance. The UPPERCUTS’ three spindle configuration gives a compact machine with its’ weight close up to the tractor. This results in your tractor being more stable, safe and easy to drive. Underneath you have three thick steel disks, each swinging three blades resulting in fast clean cutting. All of the components are designed and built for endurance in tough conditions. 5mm Solid one piece plate deck. Big spindles. Big bearings. Big Italian gearbox. Twin Vee belt drive to left and right hand spindles, fitted with automatic belt tensioners give smooth effective power transmission. (The centre spindle is direct drive off the gearbox). Vee belts often last for many years, and are cheap and easily replaced. Customers enjoy the quiet, smooth operation, low horsepower requirement, and fast mowing. Available in widths 2.3 meter and 2.7 meter

VC60R Wood Chipper

Hydraulically driven fed the VC60R wood chipper is great for cleaning up hedge trimmings, garden waste and pruning's. Able to chip up to 150mm branches in diameter with 12" blades and a 360 degree swivel chute it makes light work of those big jobs. Suitable for tractors ranging 50-80HP.

SBX Box Scrapers/Blade

Box blades are a lot more effective than just a standard scraper/grader blade as the 'boxed in' sides allow for better control and retention of the cut material. Only in recent years are New Zealanders beginning to realise the advantages of these blades! Heavy duty box scrapers with removable and adjustable front scarifiers for leveling, finish grading and backfilling.

Landscape Rake

The 3pt linkage landscape rakes are ideal for commercial farm or lifestyle blocks for grading and leveling drives, tracks and spreading top soil. They can also be used to smooth horse arenas and exercise yards. Suitable for tractors 18-50HP.